The best of the pigeon post

Blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs. They’re everywhere and there are millions of them on pretty much any subject you can think of. And why not? You’re interested in something, you wanna ready what like-minded people have to say about it. The problem is, like with most things in (over)abundance, that high quality is diluted and often lost in the shear volume of mediocrity and plain old crap. So when you come across something good, something that grabs you and speaks to your heart, you add it to your favourites and you don’t let go.

I had this feeling when I bumped into the pigeon post. I read a couple of posts that got tweeted and I was hooked. I went and read past posts and was amazed by the consistent quality of the writing and most importantly by the writing style itself. I found it brilliant! A proper author in out midst, I thought, giving us snippets of literature while composing excellent music reviews.

So if you have not come across the pigeon post yet, you are in for a treat. Below is my personal “best of” collection, and to be honest only a very small sample, of bits of Matthew’s (i.e. the pigeon post’s) work that I love, focusing more on the non-music aspect, the literature snippets I referred to earlier. The boy is prolific and there is nothing wrong with that, as the “too much of a good thing” phenomenon simply does not occur here. Oh, and by the way, beware of his modesty; Matthew is always, always way ahead of the best-new-band-out-there game.




“[…] Not done this on purpose or anything, but Noah and the Whale‘s video is also pretty special. But then again, I love anything with Mexican wrestlers in. Apart from Mexican Wrestling itself. Or Nacho Libre, that awful Jack Black film. Anyway, yeah, Noah and the Whale are floppy haired indie bastards, but old school floppy haired indie bastards. They’d probably take you out on a date to an arthouse cinema and buy you a coffee and not once make eye contact with you. You’re never going to hear them in a club, but if you’ve ever watched E4 music (and few people ever have) they’re always on there.”


“Oh, the shame. The complete and utter shame. Every time I find myself at a loose end, and my mine goes astray, I find myself tapping on any empty surface, clicking my fingers and whistling a little tune. And that tune isn’t White Denim or Forward Russia. It isn’t even The Cribs. No, my mind keeps going back to that one devil song – Fascination by Alphabeat. And you know what the worst part is? I really quite like it.

I think it started with the name. Alphabeat – it’s superb, isn’t it? And I’m probably vulnerable to all this Scandinavian power pop, with Lucky Lucky pigeons being one of the best bands ever and that. Everything about them is wrong – managed by the same person who does Mika, Spice Girls wanted to tour with them, Elton John is a fan. It all spells disaster. And before you wonder, the rest of their material is absolutely appalling. But for 3 minutes, I think Danish Alphabeat have managed to achieve complete pop perfection.

I’m so sorry, but here’s the video. Just… let’s pretend this never happened, okay?”


“Trawling Myspace like it’s 2004…

…only then I was searching for pictures of girls and adding them as friends. Man, I must have been the saddest 16-year old alive. Or maybe not, given the amount of terrible things I have come across on the internet. At least I don’t spend my days editing and recording youtube videos of me scoring a goal on a football game and dubbing real life commentary over the top of it (finding that video was the highlight of my Tuesday, highlighting the fact that I am not the saddest person on the planet).”


“I love support bands. They make my life worthwhile, set me onto new bands and generally make everything okay. Sometimes, I go to gigs just for the support and then go home, such is my enjoyment of them. Of course, on those occasions I always know the support band and like them already. I’m not that weird.”


“Going to gigs alone is a terrible business. I am getting used to it though, so there is definitely a skill involved. For Wavves, I stood close to a group of men who were chatting quite loudly about something. That way, you kill two birds with one stone, in having something to listen to as well as looking to others as if you are part of a group. The worst part is just after a band goes off, as that’s when you’re meant to turn and chat to a friend about what you’ve just seen. In order to stop this horrible affliction, simply go to the bar or, if you’ve got no money, go to the toilet. in extreme cases, you can also go outside to make a phonecall to someone you know will answer or, in worst-possible-scenario, you can walk to the nearest cash machine and check your balance. Be warned, that last one can be the most depressing.”


“Let’s all start a record label. We have no money and no idea how it would work, but still, let’s do it. My sum total of PR, marketing and record deals is nil, as I expect yours is, but let’s not let that get in the way. Of course, we’ll all lose a lot of money by spending all of our earnings on Tesco Value CDs and the artwork will look like it’s been done by a child because I can’t draw, but maybe that will add to the charm? For talent, we won’t go to gigs or wait for CD-Rs to drop through the letterbox like normal people would, we’ll simply scour last.fm and go myspace trawling for artists that sound awesome, like False Jesii.”


“There is always someone with more talent with you, that is a given. And if there isn’t, there’s someone with more potential than you. But let’s not get too depressed about it, but let’s use the skill of others to INSPIRE us onto greater glory and, more importantly, the chance to win vinyl.”


“Isn’t e-mail bloody lovely? When you’re younger it just seems like a huge inconvenience – I mean, why bother sending each other online mail when you can just MSN each other? Of course, MSN died an absolutely horrific death as soon as they let people use their own smileys, and it quickly descended into 12-year olds endlessly asking each other their age sex location. Myspace has suffered a similar fate, and judging by the amount of FarmVille news that comes up on my Facebook, that’s facing something similar. But e-mail has stayed strong in the midst of all this, like a stoic old man on this beaten old internet. Which kind of brings me to this post – this morning I got an e-mail suggesting a band to me. Which, compared to the amount of viruses that MSN gave various computers, is a lot more of a contribution than most things.”


“Katie Harkin, if you ever read this, I love you. I love your lyrics, I love your banter in-between songs, I love your myspace blogs. God, if you covered Kate Nash, I’d probably even love that too – but at a stretch. If Sky larkin never make it big I’ll cry myself to sleep. And RCRD LBL have got a free Sky Larkin track for you to enjoy – I’m pretty sure it’s a cover, but who cares?”

“I like Ponies. They are nice to look at and are only half as intimidating as horses, though the Shetland variety do freak me out a little bit.”


“Following on from one of the best split records of 2009 with Jam On Bread, Riviere is set to unleash Follow Your Heart on the 7th of December through RCRD LBL as well as physical release on BRNLV. He’s an absolute master of making bleak pop that specialises in warming you up but making you feel a little bit unloved. I’ve never been lost on an icy tundra looking for an injured loved one, but if I ever am, this is what I would like to be played on repeat in my mind. Actually, scratch that – looking for a loved one might make it a bit too optimistic. Either way, you know those days when you’re walking around town and you look at people and all you can think is ‘Why is everyone such a tosser?’ whilst your feet are slightly sodden? This is the soundtrack to that, too.”