The reason behind the name.


Why humble soul (record label)

"I started the record label with my good friend Pete Fillery, web designer and obsessive music fan - when we came to the mutual conclusion that we would like to release some of the music by artists I had been recording in the studio, Pete suggested we call the label Humble Soul - apparently he'd had the idea for the name several years ago and had gone so far as to register all the domain names just in case - I agreed pretty much immediately that it represented what we were trying to do... and I hope it still does..."


Why 3030

“3030.... well, the meaning actually lies in 30, which is basically my age. turning 30 hit me a bit hard in some ways and made me try and change some things, be more productive/creative and in a way has been a drive behind starting this magazine. so i was actually gonna call it just "30" but a friend of mine rightly pointed out that people are often quite literal and they would read too much into 30, so a 20 or 40 or 50 year old wouldn't pick up a magazine called 30. but 3030 doesn't actually mean anything, looks kind of cool (methinks) and it still means something to me. so there. you are now one of the few people who know the story behind the name!”


Freitags (night)

Because it is German for Fridays (Sebastian who runs it happens to be German and the night takes place every Friday).


Rented teeth (comics)

I'm afraid there is no reason behind rented teeth's name, it came to me whilst chopping some mushrooms at work. maybe that's the most profound reason of all.


Now wave (night)

New wave + No wave = Now wave


Stealing sheep (band)

The name was inspired by the story of two members of the Norwegian black metal group Enslaved, who stole a free range sheep belonging to politician/farmer Lars Sponheim in protest of his Liberal Party's move for the legalization of all illicit Internet downloading. ”So you guys wanna steal our music, we'll steal your sheep. That's fair, right?”


Pineapple folk (music promotions)

“When I was at ATP for that weekend I saw Vetiver had a bag that said Pineapple Folk on it and I thought, that’s a good name, and couldn’t really think of anything else to put gigs under. So that was it. And they’ve done gigs with us since and they were asking ‘Where did you get your name? We know you robbed it from our bag.’ But they don’t mind.”