This is not about interior design – Table

Ok ok I admit it, one of us here at 3030 knows the pianist from Table. And although this was the initial reason we agreed to have a listen to them and review them, it no  longer remains the only one for having gone ahead with this. I will explain.

But first things first, the music of Table. I am listening to their promo cd as we speak  for approximately the tenth time and if I had to pick a word to describe it I would say  "beautiful" (not the most descriptive of terms, I know, but true nonetheless). It is  hard to judge based on such a limited amount of material but one thing I can say is that they are showing potential. Potential to make a melodic but not twee, melancholic but not dark kind of album with main characteristics the piano melodies and the male vocals that make you feel all warm inside.

Having said all that, there is another reason I have faith in the quality of what is to follow from Table and that is the labels they are with. The Manchester-based Humble Soul and Birmingham’s highly-regarded Static Caravan. I could save you the hassle of reading any of the remaining text in this article and 5 minutes of your time, if you are stressed like that, by just advising you to go to the Humble Soul website and start playing their juke box. I happened to do that for the first time on new year’s day and in my fragile state from the night before, ended up not listening to anything else for pretty much all of that day. Liz Green, Denis Jones and The Miserable Rich became my soundtrack for the first two-three days of the year and have seen them all perform live since, with great enthusiasm.

And finally, if all the above has not been enough to convince you and the aesthetics of musical material you own are of equal importance to you, I can guarantee you that owning some of the materials Humble soul produce, including Table’s limited edition 7” vinyl, will fill you with pride, joy and all those feelings that art evokes in our souls.



What's the folk scene like in Manchester and how do you lot fit in to that?

I hear its good... We're not really part of any 'scene' as such. We just happened upon the rising Manchester folk scene because we play quiet music, so we searched out places to play where our music would be listened to. What people call the Manchester folk scene is, I think, more of a collection of great songwriters playing music that happens to be quiet. Some fit into the 'folk' category and some don't.


How did the release of your first single go? You happy with it?

The release of 'Songs You Can Sing' went pretty well, I think. We're getting played relatively regularly on BBC 6 music which is always nice, and we've received a nice response for the video too. People seem to like the personal touches on the vinyl cover.


What you up to at the moment? Gigging, writing?

Both really, We're recording more tracks towards an album, and have some nice gigs coming up, including a trip to Croatia for Electric Elephant in August and a few UK festivals late summer


Table Tennis or Table Football?

Table Tennis every time.


How do you go about writing your songs?

Songs usually come to me when I least expect them, in an inconvenient setting. The best songs I've written are usually finished in one or two sittings at the piano.


If you could have written one song in history what would it be?

Probably 'Ebony and Ivory" - If I wrote that song I wouldn't have released it...sadly I didn't though...


Are there any other bands on the label or in Manchester that you would like to work with or just hang out with?

I love all the artists on Humble Soul, and on our other label Static Caravan. Working with any of them would be great.


What do you hope to achieve in 2010?

Album released. Festivals.