Black Ink  (by Terry Collier)
A sunny day in the city centre.
They bump in to eachother. She looks great.
It's been five years. They both smile and the ice is broken.
"So what do I call you now? Mrs......?"
"The same". She replies.
"Oh, you kept your surname?"
"No.I'm not with him anymore - we divorced"
He can't believe it.
She comments on how smart he looks - he's wearing an expensive Italian suit.
"I've just been for a job interview - I'll be moving back to the city if I get it"
She smiles. They go for a drink.
"So what happened? If you don't mind me asking?"
"It's a long story" She replies. He's got time.
They talk for a while.
"You look well - have you been away?"
He has. "...to France, with some friends"
"So...you got a place to live yet?"
She looks so beautiful. "No - thats the next thing to sort out I suppose"
"I'm looking for a lodger - if you're interested". He is.
She looks in to his eyes and smiles again.
He's never felt truly happy before this moment.
Not this kind of happiness anyway. It starts from inside and flows through him.
He smiles.
"We're not actually divorced yet....just seperated....but..."
As she talks her words become a faint whisper and her smile is the last he see's of her as she fades away.
The expensive suit becomes his old jumper and jeans once more.
It's raining outside.
His tanned skin pales.
An image flashes across his mind. It's her and her husband.
They are both smiling and holding their new baby.
Black ink flows through his veins as he cradles his drink one last time.
He gets up and leaves.